Forestfire in the Mediterranean region

Forest fires lose to the Mediterranean area every year between 700,000 and 1,000,000 ha of country. It is a huge surface and a tremendously big job for the firefighters and fire women, who are in the fight against the flames. They also anxiously await the future developments just like many other ecologists in this world. Fact is that only 4% of the forest fires are descended from natural reasons. In 96% of the cases it is the human who carries negligently and absent-mindedly guilt in the forest fires. The ecosystem is thereby often damaged so far that the wood cannot recover from the damages and flora and fauna are lost.

Since 1960 the number has increased tenfold in forest fires around the Mediterranean! Reasons for this are on the one hand, like abovementioned, the careless actions of the human, on the other hand the constant dryness during the summer months. For the future scientists forecast that at the middle of the century the forest fire danger must be expanded in the southern Mediterranean area for the complete year. Reason for it: the climate change.

Exactly there we, the ALWIT GmbH, want to contribute a part to the security of the people, who directly face the flames, by suitable protective clothes. "GRISU Allrounder" is a PSA that perfectly suits to the forest fire and connects quality and comfort. Besides, we lay our special attention to the satisfaction of our customers and produce protective clothing individually. From the climate change outgoing danger of a whole-annual forest fire risk also obliges us to generate the highest quality, because we are with certainty your partner!

8th June 2017 - editorial article