Declaration of principles to the quality policy


Ever since it was up to ALWIT to manufacture and sell products of highest quality in order to satisfy the customer. At the same time the today so often quoted „risk assessment“, always was basis for the development of user-specific personal protective equipment. The contact to the customer, in addition the supplier, testing institutes and the cooperation in different standardization committees guarantees for the fact that ALWIT products are the state of the art and correspond to the European directive.

In order to achieve these goals the workflow of the company in the organizational, technical and commercial area is arranged according to the rules of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Our goal is to raise the quality by decrease of complaints, as well as by improving of the information flow. Reaching these goals and a constant improvement, the examination and supply of instruments for the introduction and implementation of this system, as well as all further quality-assurance or quality improving arrangements have the highest priority to the general management of ALWIT. In the management manual all organizational and operational sequences are fixed, that have a direct effect on the quality of the products and the services. Each of the employees is responsible for the planning, controlling and monitoring of these activities. Each employee has been informed of the following guiding principles of the quality policy of ALWIT GmbH:

  • offer an optimal cost/performance ratio
  • processing of orders in time
  • recognize and solve the problems of our customers
  • qualified and friendly behaviour during customer contact
  • increase of creativity and personal responsibility of the employee
  • development and progress in the sense of the customer

The representation on this internet side should be a component of our quality policy, also. We hope that our view of quality complies with the expectations of the customer, we will however chase our quality goals in the future and actualize and improve this management system by continuous system audits.



Siegfried Assmann

Dipl. Finanzwirt




20 employees, of which,

10 technical

10 administrativ, of which 1 trained on the job




Founded 1954 by ALFRED WITTIG, the family lead ALWIT GmbH in Emmerich on lower Rhine still succesfully manufactures heat protective clothing and gloves which take care of safety for employees and teams during hot actions in industry and fire brigades.

ALWIT has got excellent reputations on national and international markets by permanent own technical innovations developed in close co-operation with her Partners. The aluminized or non-aluminized flame and heat protective as well as multifunctional clothing each comply with one ore more of the European Standards EN 343, 407, 469, 659, 1149, 1486, 11611, 11612, 13911, 14116, 15614 an IEC 61482 and may be used throughout the European Union.

Some materials tests can be executed in the own laboratory in order to check the quality or to find the best solution for materials assemblies.

The individual consultation of customers by ALWIT is an important topic of activities in order to bring the requirements of European Directive(s) in harmony with the risk assessment of the working place.




Responsibility and quality


The QM-system according to ISO 9001:2015 

provides high standard of quality and allows a complete follow up back to the origin of each product and the whole process in the administration.

Moreover ALWIT agrees by contact of Nomex® Partner Program , to manufacture PPE of high quality surpassing the requirements of European Standards.

As a member of the DuPont™ Nomex® Partner Program, we have privileged access to DuPont fibre and fabric innovation, technical expertise and leading edge product testing facilities. All of our products must undergo rigorous testing to prove that they meet/exceed the standard quality criteria, that they meet end user specific needs, contain the latest innovations of Nomex® fabric, are delivered at an impeccable service level and have origins clearly traceable through the DuPont value chain. End users should look for certified Nomex® fabrics, which carry distinctive labels on the garment to be sure their safety equipment and clothing is from a reputable supplier they can trust.

The specific know-how about European standards, test procedures and making is part of the workshops and seminars offered by ALWIT to partners and customers.

Managing Director and senior partner Siegfried Assmann is also member in different National, European and International Standard Committees on heat and flame protective PPE, and transfers his knowledge gained there, into the development of products.

ALWIT is using her role as impulse generator for the market on order to guarantee safety at dangerous working places.


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