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Proximity suit EN 1486, two-piece

Mod.-Nr: 30-2001 Category: Firefighting

Full protection in extreme situations.

This protective clothing according to EN 1486 enables the user to enter specific high-risk firefighting and fire rescue situations such as air craft fires, bulk flammable gas and bulk flammable liquid fires or boat fires.

It is consisting of

jacket with hood
bib overall

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application fire fighting with high level of radiant heat
temperature range <1.300 °C radiation
sizes 1/S, 2/M, 3/L, 4/XL, 5/XXL
total weight 7,9 kg
The proximity suit consists of:
jacket mod. 30-2011
  with additionally insulated head protection
  curved alu-frame for panorama screen 150 x 250 mm
  bag for breathing apparatus
bib-overall mod. 30-2012
  opening on the right side, snap-fasteners
  without pockets
  eyelets for suspenders
suspenders mod. 49-8130
  adjustable, with pin-clips
  strong elastic band, width 36 mm, lenght 900 mm
screen mod. 12-8092.00/291.7
  handling without any tools
  non-inflammable polycarbonate, gold-vaporized
5-finger-gloves mod. 52-8349
  palm reinforced with fabric of aramide fibres, ARATEX
overshoes mod. 30-0021
  to wear over the standard boots
  sole made of nitrile rubber
  zip-fastener in the back of shaft
bag mod. 30-0041.00/898.3
  size 500 x 500 x 400 mm