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Aluminium Industry EN ISO 11612

Category: PPE f. spec. industries

PPE for the aluminium industry

Aluminium has a melting temperature of only 660 °C, which does not pose too many challenges for suitable personal protective equipment (PPE). Nevertheless liquid aluminium has the property of adhering to clothing and thus transferring the heat energy to the PPE over a longer period of time.

An intelligent fibre blend - marketed by ALWIT under the name ComoTex - has proven itself in laboratory and field tests as suitable material for protective clothing against liquid aluminium and is washable at 60 °C.

In certain processes, e.g. when casting moulds, personal protective equipment made of aluminised materials is necessary.

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Application flame-retardant protective clothing, insulating, antistatic, lightweight, breathable, inherently stable, abrasion- and tear-resistant
Colours ecru, grey, orange, royal blue, yellow, dark blue, green, red

Basic clothing tested and certified according to EN 11612 EN ISO 11612/ EN ISO 11611/ EN 1149
Mod. 44-0301 Jacket, front flap with hidden buttons, 1 chest pocket with flap and velcro, 2 side pockets with flap and velcro
Mod. 44-0411 Jacket, front flap with buttons, Raglan sleeves, different-coloured tuck, 1 chest pocket with flap, 1 inside pocket with flap, 2 side pockets with flap
Mod. 44-1711 Jacket, front flap with snap fastener, 2 side pockets with flap and snap fastener, sleeves with snap fastener, 2 inside chest pockets
Mod. 45-0301 Trousers, fly with buttons, 2 side pockets, belt loops
Mod. 45-0421 Trousers, as mod. 45-0301, deviation: 1 hip pocket with flap and button
Mod. 45-1711 Trousers, fly with buttons, without pockets
Mod. 45-2301 Trousers, fly with zipper, waistband with button, 2 piping hip pockets with flap and velcro, no side pockets, belt loops
Mod. 46-1513 Jacket BASELL, hood with flap and velcro, cord made from Nomex®
Mod. 47-0301 Bib-coverall, fixed and adjustable suspenders, 1 pass-through slit right, 2 side pockets
Mod. 47-1513 Trousers BASELL, crotch with wedge insert, elastic on both sides, without pockets, eyelets for suspenders , knee reinforcement
Mod. 47-5001 Bib-coverall, fly with zipper, 1 partitioned bib pocket with flap, 2 side pockets, 2 hip pockets with flap and velcro, kidney protection
Mod. 48-0101 Coverall, closure by snap fastener, sleeve cuff adjustable by snap fastener, elastic waist band, 1 chest pocket with flap, 1 inside pocket, 1 pass-through slit right, 1 side pocket left

Aluminised PPE tested and certified according to EN ISO 11612
Mod. 10-1701 Hood fitted to safety helmet, consisting of four detachable parts, with shield from polycarbonate (PC), clear
Mod. 20-9351 Coat, Freedom of movement by trapezoid pattern, touch and close fastener diagonal on the right side of the front secured by rivets, small stand-up collar lined with felt, without pockets, air ventilation by divided overlapping rear
Mod. 22-0001 Bib apron with adjustable neck band and cotton waist band,  length 90 - 150 cm / width 95 cm
Mod. 25-0001 Jacket with quick-release RZ- closures in front, lined stand-up collar, without pockets, air ventilation by divided overlapping rear
Mod. 26-5001 Trousers with front closure by snap fastener, without pockets, pass-through slit on the left, with eyelets for suspenders with pin-clip, without suspenders
Mod. 28-0001 Gaiters, with full foot protection, fixed by padded self-closing steel spring in shaft and foot protection

Gloves tested and certified according to EN 407/ EN 388
Mod. 50-8662 Mitten, basic glove for exchangeable reinforcement, should only be used in addition with the reinforcing glove (without reinforcement <350°C contact heat)
Mod. 50-0001 Reinforcing glove, changeable, for mod. 50-8662, <500°C contact heat
Mod. 50-8675 Mitten, not reversible - <750°C contact heat
Mod. 52-8959 5-finger glove - <250°C contact heat, <1.300°C radiant heat